Back from the most awesome trip ever

Well, we are finally back from our Florida vacation! What a super awesome week with visits to Disney World, Universal Studios, Daytona beach and other fun places. We rode any ride that wasn’t more then 45 minute wait and surprisingly, we got on a lot of rides. We also had a scary encounter on It’s a Small World ride when the ride broke down while on it. Luckily, it didn’t last long.

disney world

I’d have to say, our favorite park was Universal Studios. We love virtual rides and they have some very realistic rides that really made me feel like I was really falling from buildings and flying through the sky. I’m so going back there soon!

disney2 disny5 disney4 disney3

Of course, we bought too many souvenirs, including more t-shirts then I’ll ever wear. Emily even got a real dead shark in a jar.

florida shark

My sister told us about a ghost train ride in St. Augustine, so of course we went on it. They gave each of us a meter to see if we pick up any ghosts at any of the known haunted places the train stopped along the way on the tour. It was a lot of fun and I actually got a photo of a ghost!

St Augustine ghost train

See the  man’s face in the window? It was not there the picture before. Way cool! Check out the link to it here if ever in St Augustine, Florida.

We crammed in two weeks worth into ten days and our feet are feeling the wrath. If you could see my feet right now, you would witness bandaged blistered toes. I’m also so beat that I need a vacation to recover from my vacation! I’m so glad to be back in my comfy bed and blackout curtains- I need my room super dark to sleep. I love staying in hotels, but they are hard to get a good night’s rest in them.

I have to say, next time I plan on flying because driving takes a toll out of you! It was fun spending time with my sister and two daughters. The boys got to play house at home-which I got to clean when I got back. I guess it’s back to reality!

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