Zach’s 6th Birthday with Peppa Pig

“It seems like just yesterday, I was holding my baby in my arms!” 

I know you’ve heard that phrase like a million times before, but I can’t help it! I can’t believe my GRAND BABY is already SIX!

Zach and I are the closest of my daughter’s children since he spent more time at our house when he was younger then the others. He’s my little buddy; full of personality and I’m pretty proud to be his “Nana” (though, I’d rather be called Auntie Tess instead-just kidding).


Lately, he has traded playing on the iPhone with riding his bike with his friends and actually being outside. I was glad to hear that he was actually getting fresh air and getting into sports and such. So, for his birthday, I wanted to reflect on that, so I got him a baseball bat, ball and glove. I’m not sure if that was such a wise decision though, because his little brother and sister might use them as weapons instead.

Grandchildren: Please use the bat and ball for good, not evil!

I also like to give the children something personalized for their birthday, so this year, Zach got a  personalized birthday book.



I picked Peppa Pig because he loves watching that show with his brother and sister all the time.

Creating the book is super easy and extremely quick, simply choose the story you want to personalize (there are different holidays and topics) and fill in a few details such as your child’s name, age, hair color, eyes color and skin color and it’s ready for purchase , you can even pop in a message to be printed on the first page too.


Zach loved his birthday book and I thought it was cool that he knew right away that it was his name on the cover and all throughout the book.

I have a grandchild old enough to read? I’m so old…

Visit Penwizard to get your child’s own personalized book too!

I received a product for my honest opinion and no money was exchanged.
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