Feeling like a movie star #OneDay App Review

Blogging for me has been a way to create a memory for our family with all the stories I used to write about what happened weekly to our family. I’m a photographer as well as a writer, so I like to take photos as much as possible and when I can, I like to shoot videos too.

So, since I love to record EVERYTHING either with photos or video, I’m always looking for great products that help me document our life. I don’t know if you know this, but there are ALOT of products out there that want to help us parents be in our kid’s faces shooting their every move. If it’s out there, I’ve probably have bought it.

Sooo, when I discovered OneDay app for your phone, I was so on it.

OneDay is a free (yes, FREE!) iPhone app that was created  to help you shoot adorable video montages with your children. It  comes with questions that you ask your child and then you record their answers. I’m always amazed at what my children say and now I have a way to document it for them to watch when they get older, and for me to watch (and cry) whenever I want to.


I simply love this app!

I don’t normally start out a review telling you just how much I love the product, but I just love it so much and I just had to tell you right away.  I think you will love it too if you try it.

I’m also an app junkie and a lot of apps I download end up being so confusing to use, I end up deleting them. This especially ticks me off if I had to pay for them. However, this app was easy to figure out. You just download the app, you will have the option to choose which “story” you want, like My favorite things”, “When you grow up”, “God”,  and “Advice for your parents”  among other cute ideas.

After you choose which movie you want to make, you can go to the video screen. Make sure you ask the question first, then touch the record button to record their answers. You then stop the recording and save the clip and then ask the next question until you go through all ten questions.



Remember these steps because I’m not sure if the directions are written anywhere. Another useful tip: I was letting her think of her answers at first, but then I just clicked the record button right after to get that genuine answer from her. She did pretty well on the answers, though she did hesitate with one of the questions a bit, but hey, I wanted to get the first thing out of her mouth.


After you are finished, you touch the photo to use it to”create” the movie and just wait for it to load and that’s it! If you want to share it, you just register for an account and then you can share it via email, text, or whereever you want to share it! I uploaded ours to Youtube so I could share it on my blog, but it’s not something you have to do.


For our first movie, we picked “My favorite things” and my daughter and I had a blast answering the video and turning it into her own movie! It was easy and fast and I think the kids could probably film each other and make a surprise video for their parents. I would love to of seen this for the first time without knowing the answers until it was created.

Here’s our movie:

She was totally embarrassed for me to upload this, but I told her don’t worry, her friends don’t ever read my blog. I did forget to tell her that family reads my blog daily.

(hee, hee)

We ended up making at least four movies-I think we did the “When I grow up”, “Advice for your parents”,  “Brothers and sisters”, and ” All about you” and showed them to whoever would watch them. When I played it for my husband, he just loved it and was already coming up with ideas for the movies. He said we should save it and play it at her wedding when she gets married.

Awwww…that would be so awesome!

Now he had me thinking of other ways to use this amazing app! We have grandchildren that we could film and we could do a group video with the kid’s friends for them to have for memories. The possibilities are endless!

She’s looking forward to doing the “Friends” story to show her friends and the “About your grandmother” for her grandma’s birthday present. What a great present to give someone in your life!

What would you do if you had this app? Do I have you wanting to download it too?

Get your OneDay app here!

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