Not liking this back to school shopping #Targetbacktoschool

It’s that time of the year that moms can be found searching up and down the long “school supply” isles and buying new school clothes. This weekend over here in Iowa, it was our “tax free” weekend, so you most treat this weekend as if it were Black Friday-without the yummy turkey and stuffing the day before.

I swore I would not trench through those mom and whining school aged children filled stores this year. I didn’t need to save a couple of dollars THAT BADLY. I would instead paint the kitchen, or stab my eyes out with a kitchen knife. Both sounded way more fun then pushing a cart through a twelve inch wide isle stuffed full of glue bottles, folders, crayons and every other item that the school system insists our children must have. Then, add about twenty other parents with their filled carts.

I just h-a-t-e it.


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Unfortunately, my two daughters had not received my memo on this matter. My oldest texted me a photo of her son’s supply list (of course, I volunteered to pick up what he needed), and the youngest, Emily, begged to get her school clothes and school supplies this weekend. Why? Because, what if the backpack she wanted was gone if we waited? Or, maybe she might see one of her friends at the store and they could pick out the same folders. She also needed to get her school clothes as soon as possible so she knew what she was wearing the first week of school.

Did I not understand??


So, we were off to Target with lists in hand. I took a deep and we started our journey. I had a plan of attack; I decided Emily would read off what we needed and I would get it to save time and be more organized. We also decided that we would take one of those shopping baskets instead of a cart for easier movement through the small isles. Everyone else had shopping carts, so we were able to zoom around them as we grabbed what we needed.

I now know why people get motorcycles..

Since the school supplies were done, we headed to the clothes department. My plan for this area would be, let her pick out two outfits (and bite my lip instead of arguing with her) and pick the rest myself. No trying on-I would just worry about taking anything that didn’t fit back later. A half an hour later, we were done!

Touch down!

Back to school Target

Aren’t these cute?


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Now, we just had the backpacks to pick out. Since I would be picking out my grandson’s backpack as well, I figured that I would let Emily pick out hers and I would surprise him with what I picked out. Then, I realized that he had VERY picky taste.  I started sweating as I looked at all the boy backpacks. SpongeBob? Cars? Spiderman?


I thought about his interests and I knew the right one to get-Mario Brothers. He loves video games and this would be perfect. So, I grabbed one and met up with Emily who was happy to of found a Pokémon backpack. Yes, it’s probably is a boy’s backpack, but I figured if she got hassled about it, we have like ten Monster High backpacks she could use instead.

Target backpack

Okay, another checkmark done on our list of things to do. I looked at what we needed to do next. Wait, we didn’t have anymore things to do!


We checked out and went home to unload our new items. Every clothes item fit and all the school supplies were safely stored in their backpacks. I was glad the day was not the crazy I feared it would be.

On Sunday, I had to go back to the store to get a few grocery items. As I passed the school supply isles, I watched as the frantic parents and kids toppled over each other to grab a folder or pencil case. I just shook my head and sighed as I strolled by to the freezer section.

At least I knew nobody would be tackling me for that last bag of frozen peas.


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