Making a dream of having a family come true

Building a family is a dream for many people throughout the world. They long for the days when they will see their children grow up into adulthood, watching their child go through the various stages like puberty and adolescence. Their desire to have a family is deeply attached to their personal values. They wish to raise a child in a world that is open and welcoming of people from all walks of life.

While many people wish to build a family, the reality is that numerous factors may prevent it from coming true. Some are inhibited by their own physical inability to produce children. However, social stigma and other issues prevent many potential gay and lesbian couples from experiencing the joy of raising children.

For gay and lesbian couples seeking to start a family, the options have expanded beyond simply adopting through a nontraditional child placement agency or through foster care. Options for gay and lesbian couples who want to become parents include surrogacy and egg donation. These new developments open doors for gay and lesbian couples to experience the joy of building a family and raising children in their own home filled with love, trust and understanding.

Through agencies that specialize in supporting gay and lesbian couples through the surrogacy arrangement or egg donation process, homosexual couples no longer have to undergo the scrutiny that can come from working with traditional adoption service agencies. By working with agencies that tailor their services to specifically cater to the homosexual community, gay and lesbian couples can feel confident that their needs and desires are the primary concern of the agency and its representatives working with them. Growing Generations is one example of an agency specializing in egg donation and surrogate arrangements for gay and lesbian couples. A visit to the site will reveal the agency’s commitment to its clients.

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