Fairytale Brownies – Round Two Giveaway Ends 7/16

If you are a reader of this blog forever, then you will remember when I first found out about Fairytale Brownies. These little goodies have made a place in my heart when it comes to a delicious dessert.
Fairytale Beginnings . . . With a friendship since kindergarten and a promise since high school, Fairytale Brownies was founded in the fall of 1992. Baking late at night in a friend’s catering kitchen – with many helpers and a secret family recipe – the dream came true!
To this day, every brownie batch begins with dark Callebaut Belgian chocolate, premium creamery butter, farm-fresh eggs, fluffy cake flour – and a dash of magic. The delicious cookies and buttery bars are baked with premium ingredients as well – no preservatives or hydrogenated oils – and all of the products are certified kosher for dairy.
The goal of Fairytale Brownies is to spread joy and simplify gift giving. Much care is taken in all stages of preparing your Fairytale Brownies gift. Whether you’re ordering for yourself or giving to others, you are assured freshness, unsurpassed taste and our unconditional guarantee.
They sell cookies, brownies and Fairytale bars in so many flavors and sizes too!  They have brownies for every occasion. Birthday, graduation, 4th of July everything and anything.  There are six Brownies in flavors: Original, Caramel, Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Walnut and Toffee Crunch. Six Cookies in flavors: Double Chocolate,  Caramel Pecan, Coconut Walnut and Toffee Chocolate Chip. Four Fairytale Bar Flavors: Raspberry White Chocolate, Pecan Blondie, Cheesecake Swirl, and Chocolate Chip Blondie.
My favorite is…hmmm. I can’t choose-they are all wonderful!
In case you entered last time and didn’t win and you were really sad, I want you to have another chance. So, I’m going to give away an 8 Morsel Flavor Box!
Does that make you want to enter?
Ends 7/9

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