Blogging Help: Ways to promote your blog and get the right traffic

Unless you are content with just writing posts and not caring if anyone even reads them, you probably want readers. Sure, there are many ways to get traffic to your blog, but is it the right traffic?  Try these two sourcess to get your message to the right kind of readers that are truly for money

Social Media

Everyone knows to do Twitter and Facebook for social media promotion, but how much do you use the other social media sources?

Instagram: Some day Instagram will add a link  to your blog. For now, let your followers know that there is new content on your blog in the caption.

Pinterest:  Pinterest is my most favorite! It has so much traffic potential and I use it as much as possible. Make sure to add text to drive the right traffic to your blog. Read a book on photography to make your photos as pretty as possible. Pictures are a big reason for readers to come back.  

Bloglovin:  Bloglovin is making it’s way up the chart for traffic driving. I just found out that Bloglovin will send more traffic depending on how many followers you have. Yay! Gain more readership with giveaways and require a Bloglovin follow.

How to Be a Well-Paid Freelance Blogger


Check Your  Keywords: Keywords are still the traffic driver for posts. Check to see what keywords people are looking for to put the proper words to your posts.  Google Analytics can show you how people find you and what they are looking for. Create

Sharable Content

Feature another blogger: I used to do a Words With A Blogger awhile back and it would bring in tons of traffic. Why? Because the blogger I was featuring was more than happy to brag about being featured on their blog. Since hey had similar topics on their blog as mine, they had similar traffic. Boom! More traffic that was the right traffic coming in.


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