Tuesday Things

I’m still trying to absorb the shock of my son graduating from high school. It will feel funny not getting him up in the mornings, not dropping him of at school, or giving him lunch  money. Now, he’ll be starting to prepare for his future. Making a life for himself, moving out and starting a family one day.

I couldn’t be more proud.


1. It’s a food themed Tuesday this time, so I’ll start out by letting you know about my cravings this week. Starting with this treat I made awhile back.

You’re welcome…

2. It’s been a hot one here lately. I’ve been wanting to make something with watermelon, so I thought this drink would be the ticket.

Will you come over and have a few with me?

3.  I like to eat treats that are good for me but do not taste like it. I think this treat would do the trick.

Did I tell you it’s good for you?

4.  We like to grill out as much as we can during the summer. I love a good steak with lots of flavor, so I love recipes like this one.

Now, I just got to convince the hubby to stop using so much lighter fluid so we can actually taste it…

5. They say pineapple is good for joint pain, so I am adding pineapple to my daily diet. I love this pineapple recipe.

That’s the best pain “meds” I’ve ever tasted…

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