Heels or no heel? An evening at the casino.

I like to visit our local riverboat casino at least once a month. I usually take my mom on her birthday and the hubby and I like to go when we have date night. Spending the night out out at a casino seems to becoming quite popular for people these days. It’s fun and exciting to win a little spending money. We don’t get too wild with it though.  For many, casino gaming also has a certain attraction due to playing at a casino online and with more and more people being able to access gambling online, they now not only know how to play certain casino games but feel quite comfortable doing so.

I love to get dressed up when I go because our casino has a fancy restuarant connected and dancing too.  Before heading out to the casino, I like to take some time to carefully select an outfit which will make me feel stunning as well as comfortable. Among the items I choose, I take my footwear into consideration.27-125-thickbox

Casinos have dress codes in place and may even vary their expectations between daytime and night-time attendance. While many women may feel like their high heels look good on them, they will more than likely have a different opinion by the end of the evening. Since casinos are large, a great deal of walking will occur. The best footwear for an evening out at the casino would have either low heels or none at all, flats would of course be the best option and some come with cushiony insoles that can absorb stress protecting the feet.

Mules with no heels would also be an ideal shoe to wear. Some women like mules in that they can easily and discreetly slide them off under the gaming table and be even more comfortable. They come in a variety of colours which can even include some popular patterns including animal prints. Another option would be a loafer which can look dressy given certain types of leather. Patent leather can dress up an outfit with slacks and some loafers have a small heel but not enough to cause foot pain, soft leather loafers will provide the most comfort in comparison to harder leather.

So, it depends on if you can take standing on heels all night, or if comfort wins-which it does for me!

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