Tuesday Things

Summer is here! That means outdoor activities, long evenings, and summer recipes. Every Saturday, Emily and I have “just us” time. We start out our day by stopping at our favorite Starbucks. I get my iced white chocolate mocha and she gets a birthday cake pop and hot chocolate (yes, hot chocolate in the summer). Then, we either go to the farmer’s market, a movie, or shopping and eating food samples- or, if we can fit it in, we do all of them.

In a couple of years, she’ll probably rather hang out with her friends on a Saturday afternoon chasing boys and trying on cute clothes. I’ll hope that she might give me a Saturday here and there, but as a former boy-and-clothes-crazy-preteen, I’m not betting on it. I’m going to miss our Saturday afternoons when that happens.

I wish I could freeze this year so it will never end.



1. Popsicle obsession. I love making different “unexpected” flavors for a popsicle. Like this one, and this one. These are cool people’s popsicles.

Pun intended…

2. Lately, I’ve been wanting to change up my hair. I’m not sure what I want to do with it. Maybe highlights, or just find new ways to wear it, or maybe both. I’ve been looking for ideas to see what might work. I’m thinking this would be cool, or maybe this.

Or, maybe I’ll go bleach blonde and freak out everyone….

3. I’m not one to wear sandals a lot. I hate not wearing socks. It has always drove me nuts.The only problem with that, is my feet do get hot in the summer.  Recently, I found out about these shoes that are super comfortable and I can even stand to wear them without socks.

I now believe that pigs can fly…

4. I am too lazy to check back in past Tuesday Things to see if I mentioned this before, so I’m going to just tell you that I love subscription boxes. I think it’s because I love getting things in the mail. I even get excited to receive a free Tampax sample and I don’t even use them. Try out this box, or even this one.

It’s like Christmas every time you get one…



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