Blogging Help: How to make money as an affiliate

You probably have seen affiliate links on my blog before. I am among many bloggers that make part of their online income through affiliate links. Mine are mainly through ShareaSale and Ejunkie. Do you participate in affiliate programs. or thinking about it?

If you do or want to start, there are three important steps to follow to become successful

1.  Only promote things you love.affiliate-marketing

I won’t promote something I haven’t tried. I feel that you truly can’t recomend something unless you have experienced it yourself. Your readers trust you, so when you recommend something, you better be able to stand behind it. Knowing that the product is valuable is important.

2.  Promote things that relate to your niche.

If your blog is about food and recipes, you wouldn’t want to promote a product about how to golf. But if you promoted recipe books, kitchen utencils, or anything else food related, your readers would be more likely to purchase. Make sure your products relate to your readers interests.


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3.  Build value with a detailed review.

Just writing a post telling your readers that you get money if they buy this product, is not going to get you sales.

Building value of what you are promoting is very important if you want sales. I always write a detailed review of what I am promoting. Try doing a step by step guide using the product. I’ve seen a lot of  YouTube video lately for promoting products. Your readers can see the product being used firsthand and how well it works.

 *This post may contain affiliate links.
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