Blogging Tips: Don’t look like a noob blogger

Blogs are popping up everywhere.

I can’t believe how many blogs are still starting in this blogging jungle. It’s really becoming harder to stand out and survive. There are many blogging resources to use for help you start a blog, but how do you not look like a newbie when you don’t want to?

You can hit the ground running with these tips and look like you’re a seasoned pro, instead of a newbie.

Purchase A Domain Name blogging1

I’m still amazed when I see blogs that have been visiting for years that still do not have a domain name for their blog. It’s  easy to do and inexpensive to purchase. When your blog name has “”, or “” on the end of it, you will seem like a newbie to other readers. Lately, I have been going with Bluehost for my newest blogs-they have an easy one-click installation.

Make Your Blog Posts Look Eye-Pleasing

I love to put my posts into sections. Lists, reviews, whatever it is I’m talking about for that post. It breaks up your paragraphs for your readers so they don’t start getting bored reading it. Trust me, even if your post is the most exciting piece ever, you can’t make it look like a run on paper.

When you read posts from popular blogger’s blogs, you may notice that they use bold keywords, images, charts, ect. to keep the reader’s attention.  I know it can be time consuming, but definately worth it for the end result.

Personalize Your Favicon

This one I still need to update on this blog. I am still trying to find the right symbol for it. A favicon is the little image that is next to your blog’s url.

To place a favicon on your site, go to and create one. Then, place it in your website’s root folder. Some themes make it easy by having an option to upload it to. It’s been awhile, but I think does as well.

Don’t Overload With Ads Or Junk In Your Sidebar

I get it that we want to make money on our blogs, but when you throw every type of ad service up, readers will start not even seeing ads.Same goes with putting too many plugins, button exchanges, etc.  When I start a new blog, I like to take off all the tons of plugins/widgets WordPress automatically puts in the sidebar.

Take Off Page Views Counters

Until you have big numbers, don’t advertise that you don’t have big numbers. By putting page counters on your blog, your blog will scream “Newbie!” to readers.

Leave it out until you have over 100 subscribers (at least), and then you can incorporate it into your blog if you really want it on there. In the meantime, work on your content and making other parts of your blog awesome.

 Now that you have some tips on how to look like a pro, why not find ways to make more income from blogging by reading this book:


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Do you have any tips for newbies to not look like a newbie?

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