No More Sorting #Purex No Sort

Thanks to Purex Insiders for Purex No Sort detergent to review, and also for coupons to give away. All opinions mine.

Have I been gone for awhile? Yes, I have! I’m excited to tell you that I’m going back to school! My current sNow, that being situation needed to change and so I decided to go to school for design.  Wish me luck!

That being said, I’m going to be more busy than normal (like that’s not busy already). I’m not going to have alot of time for “house duties” so, I’ll be calling in some help from the family members.


Are you shaking your head in agreement? If you are like me, you rather do everything yourself so you know that it will get done right. The kids and hubby try to help clean, but I usually end of having to “fix” their cleaning efforts in the end anyway. So, why even attempt it?

Purex no sort

This time, I will just have to rely on them no matter what the outcome, so I was glad to have the chance to try Purex’s No Sort laundry detergent. I’ll admit,  I was a bit nervous when I got the Purex No Sort detergent. Tossing jeans into the laundry with a white shirt? Light blue towels with black yoga pants?

(cringing more…)

Nevertheless, like the good Purex Insider I am, I did just that — dumped everything from the laundry basket into the washer, poured in some Purex No Sort detergent, and held my breath. I’m happy to report that the laundry came out clean and with colors intact and bright.

How does this work? The detergent features a breakthrough Anti-Color-Transfer technology which traps loose dyes in the wash and reduces color bleed accidents in mixed color loads. It does say to not try washing dark or strongly-colored items mixed with lights if the darker items haven’t been washed at least a few times previously.

So, I guess I’ll be able to at least trust them to do the laundry and not worry about whites not coming out pink. Now, I just need to figure out how to trust them not to burn the house down while cooking supper…


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