The best fur friends #TheHappys

You may remember Zhu Zhu Pets from Cepia. We had a bunch of those cute  little hamsters that were a big hit. Now, it’s time for  The Happy’s. These cute little puppies and kittens scamper around the floor without tracks.


Each pet comes with a “treat” remote control, that the kids use to give their pet a command, like spin around to catch its tail or, beg, pounce, follow, or spin. There is also a ball accessory for them to chase and follow too.

Meet The Happy’s TV Commercial

Since I run a daycare, I was provided with a couple of the Happys for the kids to play with (a kitten and puppy), plus a play ball.


Since we just have a lazy fat cat, they were excited to get the chance to play with some furry “pets”. They chased them around and had fun teaching them tricks. I like how these are interactive with the kids. It makes them feel more lifelike.


I would suggest buying more than one Happy. Even though one is cute, there is a lot more fun and interaction watching the kittens and puppies interact with you and each other, demonstrating their individual personalities.


I was happy to add these to our play collection. The kids are already making little homes with them made out of cardboard and felt. We hope to add more to our little Happy home!


The Happy’s pets, playsets, and  accessories range in price from $5.99-$24.99, boys and girls ages 4+. The Happy’s hits shelves this Easter.

I was provided with free samples of the Happy’s courtesy of Mom Select and Cepia and a $20 gift card from Target. All opinions are my own.


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