What is Yacon Syrup?

Since my journey to changing the way I eat, I’ve come across many food products I didn’t know existed. I think it’s so exciting to learn about substitutions that help keep my recipes as healthy as I can get them.

Yacon syrup being one such new find to me. Yacon Syrup is derived from the roots of the yacon plant and is a natural sugar substitute grown in the foothills of the Andean Mountain region of  South America.

yacon syrup

How It Works

Yacon syrup is high in prebiotics, like fructooligosaccharides (FOS). This sugar is found naturally in many plants, but is particularly high in yacon syrup. FOS is a great source for fiber, since it resist the breakdown of enzymes in the human digestive system, so it bypasses it and goes straight to the colon without being digested. It’s also very low in calories and  increases stool bulk to help prevent and control constipation.

Since I am very sensitive to taste, I was afraid that I might not like it, but I have to say, it compares to that of  a strong caramel or honey taste. Not a lot is needed when using it in recipes.

Uses for Yacon Syrup

For Weight Loss

Yacon syrup is extremely low in calories, it’s a great source for diets. Yacon has been shown to help regulate insulin levels and food intake, which in turn, may also help control appetite and food cravings.  take one teaspoon of 100% pure yacon syrup before or with each meal. Or you can use it as a sugar substitute.

For Diabetics

Since yacon syrup does not contain glucose,  diabetics may use it on a daily basis as a sugar substitute.

Delay the progression of osteoporosis

Yacon consumption increases absorption of dietary minerals, and make calcium more bioavailable and help with bone density.

Yacon syrup can be found at most health food stores, or online.

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