blog help: Let’s talk traffic

Did you know that there are different types of traffic that comes to your blog? There is direct, search, referral and paid traffic.

Let’s talk about search traffic.

Search engines are those that give you organic traffic. Organic traffic means that people are searching for a string of keywords, and the search engines drop different sites that relate to those keywords.

If you want to rank well in search engines, there are some steps to take to achieve a good spot.


Create original and useful content

Build a reputation of writing content that is well-written, original, and useful to the readers. Provide information that can help your readers in a way that they want to come back to check out your articles.

Make sure to keep your content fresh and updated as well by posting often.

 Don’t  stray away from your niche

Search engines like Google take a liking to experts in a certain field, not a jack of all trades.  So, if you mainly write about DIY projects, don’t stray away from that topic and start writing about let’s say, how to pick the right prom dress.

Become a master at the niche of your blog and you will be rewarded with a higher page rank.

Use Keywords Wisely

Keywords are a vital part of ranking in a search engine. Learning to properly impose those keywords decides whether you will rank or not. Here are the different areas on your page that you should place them:

Main Heading. Put your best keywords in the main heading of your page and then do not repeat it anywhere else.

Subheadings.  Place different parts of your content by using subheadings will help you describe the focus of your content. This will help optimize your keywords for the search engines.

Title tags. No more than 65 characters.

Note that your keywords must not be used too much in a post so that it doesn’t spammy and unnatural.

Speed up your site

People want fast loading sites-and so do search engines.

Make Images SEO-Friendly

Pay attention to your images. Note that not all images get loaded on absolutely all devices. Some set images to not load, so you need to name your images with the right keywords so the reader and search engines know whats behind that image.

Use Internal Linking

What is internal linking? Internal linking is when you put  links of other posts into the post you’re working on. Use posts that ranked higher before to help build your current page rank.

What do you do to help search engines find you?

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