Karma and orajel

I’m not one to get very many cold sores-in fact, have I ever? The hubby? Well, that’s a different story. He seems to be prone to cold sores and canker sores different times of the year.

When I had the chance to review the single dose package of Orajel, I agreed because I knew that even though I am not going to get one anytime soon, he surely would.


Now, have you ever said something and then jinxed yourself?

Let me tell you, I do it ALL THE TIME…

A week after receiving my package, I anxiously awaited for the hubby to come down with one. As I waited, I started feeling like something was forming under my lip.

You know where I’m going with this, don’t you?

Low and behold, I got a cold sore. A big and painful one. Would this be considered karma? Was I wishing for him to be in pain for my gain?

Okay, just don’t tell him…

So, I got to experience this for myself and I have to say, it was easy to use. Just clean the area, break the tube open, numb the area with it and then rub it in. It does help to relieve the pain. I think it stop hurting almost instantly after applying it.

I love the tiny little on-the-go tubes and the one time use is convient to just throw away instead of worrying of someone else using it later and getting infected.

You can find them at your local Walmart, or pretty much any store that sell products like this.

Now, I hope to not get anymore cold sores because I learned my lesson to not wish one on someone else. But, I’ll be sure to have plenty on hand just in case!

*I received this product from Smiley 360 for my honest review.

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