Tuesday Things

How old is too old to shop in the juniors section?

I was at the mall over the weekend and saw this adorable shirt and thought it was so cute, so I ordered it. I say, as long as I’m not buying mini skirts, I’m ok. There are some very cute clothes that look good, so why not?

Now, I just need a pair of cool sunglasses and those legs and I’m all set!


1. I have a  fear of doing the eye test at the driver’s license place. Don’t ask me why, I just HATE it. My license needed to be renewed this year, so I’ve been having sleepless nights dreading to go. I found out  that they now have a station you can go to and you don’t have to take the eye test. I actually rushed there to get it done. Click, click, and all done!

Best early birthday present ever…

2. I’ve discovered on the Racheal Ray the other day that there is such a thing as two-ingredient recipes. Whaaaat? I’m now obsessesed with finding these recipes. I found this one, and this one. How cool is that??

Now my life is complete…

3.  While out shopping this weekend, I was on a mission to find some clothes on clearance. Sorry, I know I talk a lot about my boot obesession, but I got a pair like this one, and another like this pair. My youngest was with me, so I had to bribed her to not complain about all the stores we had to go into. She ended up getting three pairs of boots, a shirt, and a book.

How does THAT happen?

4.  I’ve been scouting around for cute Easter decorations. I know it’s early, but if the stores can do it, so can I. My taste includes this decor, and this cutie.

Now, I want to dye some hard boiled eggs…

5.  Is it too early in the year for ice cream yet? I have the craving. My favorite flavor is this, but I’d eat this too.

Makes you want some, doesn’t it?

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