DIY Instagram Poster Ideas

I post about a zillion photos on Instagram weekly. I post photos of our fuzzy cat napping in the sun, colorful birthday cupcakes in their stands, the kids making funny faces and yes, even my food. I love playing with the different effects to make them look cool and while I have lots of followers, I would love to showcase them.

One thing I would like to do is get them printed. I have seen all sorts of different companies out there that let you do mini instagram books, prints, postcards, shirts and even posters. I think a large poster printed and hung over our couch in our living room would be so neat and what a conversation starter!

Crafters  suggest getting a collage frame, but I would recommended using a frame with UV stable protective lens cover. According to, it will protect your art from harmful rays. Our living room brings in a lot of sunlight, so I will check into that.

Now, I know all you DIY people don’t want to just go out and order one-you want to make your own. Me too! So, I searched Pinterest and I found two different bloggers who have already tackled the DIY Instagram poster task and made some beautiful works of art!

My first find was on Mandy’s blog, Biblical Homemaking.


She has a great tutorial on making your own semi-handmade poster. A smart and easy approach to it looking like a company did it!

Another take on an Instagram poster was thought out this way from the Free People blog.


This looks awesome!

Now, I wouldn’t think anything less of you if you used a printing services like Zazzle or, Printsagram that specifically work for Instagram printing to make an awesome piece of art.

I mean, you did TAKE the photos to begin with.

That counts, doesn’t it? : )

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