Wrapping it with It Works!


I love to try new things, especially when it’s something that tones my tummy. I was lucky enough to be able to  try out a wrap from It Works!  , thanks to Shandi Johnson, a Diamond Independent Distributor  from – It Works Global.

I love the sound of that title!

The applicator can be worn all over the body (chin, tummy, back, legs, arms, hands, etc).  It is also the first  product that is all natural and paraben free.  The ingredients in the applicator  work to trigger skin rejuvenation, lipolysis and also have an anti-inflammatory effect.


Okay, so I read up on the directions (a couple of times) because I wanted to get the full benefit of this wrap.  According to the directions, you need to take a shower first to open the pores so the lotion can work better.  Do not use soap either, because it will stop the lotion from getting through. Interesting to know! I followed the rest of the directions which included using plastic wrap over the wrap to keep it in place. If you would like more details to the directions, you can use this link.

You are supposed to drink half your weight in water during this process and stay away from processed foods, so I had to wait until I was able to do so (which meant not on the weekend for me). You can leave it on for at least 45 minutes, or all day or night if you would like. I left mine on all day because I don’t think I could sleep in it.


After I took it off, I rubbed the lotion in. It was not yucky at all and blended in nicely. My stomach did feel toner then it did and the next couple of days, I could see a difference more. It does state that it keeps working for three days after which is nice.

I have to tell you, I did the before, but it got deleted off of my phone, so if I showed you after, you wouldn’t  be able to tell.

After doing this, I would love to do my chin. I almost cut it into chin sizes so I would have four wraps worth, but I decided at the last minute to still do my tummy. Maybe next time!

If you would like to try out a wrap from It Works, or even join their awesome program to earn money from home, you can get a hold of Shandi below:

Shandi Johnson #1583992
Diamond Independent Distributor – It Works




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