Animal Pizzazz-T Moody Designs

Awhile back, I used to do pop pet art for pet lovers. I really had fun with it, and I’ve noticed fun animal designs on kid’s clothes lately. So,  I’ve decided to add these designs to my kid’s designs in my store, T Moody Designs. Turns out, the kids love the vivid colors and the fun prints.

retro cat t moody Designs

Emily wanted to wear the retro kitty shirt in pink for our shoot.

She already wore it to school and to her brownie meeting and received lots of compliments. When they asked her where she got it, she was proud to say it was her moms design.

retro cat kid shirt

When I told her more shirts were coming, she jumped up and down and asked if she could where them to school too.

“Well, of course you can show off- I mean wear my designs!” I quickly answered. lol

T Moody Designs cat

Here are a couple of more animal shirts that I created…







These work for boys and girls and come on shirts, creepers, sweatshirts and even for moms and dads too!

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