Valentine’s Day Free Printable Subway Art

Is it too early to start talking about Valentine’s Day??

I can’t wait to pack up one holiday and get ready for the next. As the Christmas tree is being lugged downstairs to the basement, I’m passing it on the way, my arms full of heart shaped decorations and Valentine’s Day DIY ideas spinning in my head.

This year’s DIY project was inspired by subway art. I love to mess with different fonts and when I stumbled across subway art last year, I was hooked!


These are easy to make, but I’ve saved you the time by making one for you in your choice of red, black, and blue. Just right click and save. You can print them up to 11×14.

Let me know if you plan on printing them out and where you will be using it. I printed the red one and hung it up by our front door and have had many compliments so far!


valentineschalkboard subwayblue subwayblack


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