The perks of Wedding photographers: The dress

Even though I don’t miss shooting weddings, I do miss seeing the dress. My assistant and I loved to see what dress the bride picked out for her special day. Sometimes, they were just beautiful and sometimes, we wondered what they were thinking(cringe). I always wonder how a bride decides what dress she dreams of finding to wear on her special day.


For my wedding, I picked out the dress first before anything else and worked around that dress.  I believe it’s all about the dress. It’s your big day to feel and look like a princess.

Now, when I look at all the beautiful styles of wedding dresses, I dream about wearing them too, or what I would have changed about the dress I wore. My dress had long sleeves, which was popular at the time and since I got married in March, it was cold out. 

Now, I love dresses that are strapless like this one.


It’s very beautiful and I love how it flows. My dress also had a very long train, which was beautiful for walking down the aisle, but not so sure I would do that now.

I think I like this simple one as well.


You have to think about the rest of the day and how heavy, or in-the-way it might be for photos and the reception and dancing. Things I didn’t think about when choosing my wedding dress.

If the hubby and I renew our vows, I’ll have a blast trying on dresses again. I won’t go all big and fluffy, of course, but something simple and elegant.

Probably like this dress.
If anything, my oldest daughter has been talking about getting married and her boyfriend has been dropping hints-yay! She’s pretty stubborn about things, so I’m not sure if I’ll get any input on the dress, but I’m sure going to try!
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