Dark Chocolate Pomegranate and Blueberry Giveaway Ends 1/23

This month has already been a busy one for me. I’m trying to make sure that I stay true to my goal to take time and relax more this year. It’s hard  though, with business, kids back to school, and preparing for tax time. I’m usually one of those people that wait until April to put our taxes together, but my son plans on going to college in the fall, so we need to file as soon as possible.

I like to snack throughout the day and I try to make sure that I grab something healthy. When I get caught up on a project, sometimes I’m tempted to grab something not so healthy.

chocolate covered Pomegranate

That’s why I like to have packaged healthy snacks handy, like these babies.

Pomegranates and blueberries have antioxidants and help lower blood pressure. Covering them in dark chocolate (which has antioxdants as well) makes an easy and healthy snack for when you are busy. Or, craving something sweet that you won’t beat yourself up over.

As long as you remember moderation-something I’m still working on.

I really want you to try a bag, so I’m giving a bag of each kind to one lucky reader! Ends 1/23
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