Tuesday Things

Thanksgiving is next week, so I’ve been preparing for the big meal.

Pumpkin cheesecake?




Homemade stuffing?


Absolutely delicious  pumpkin pie flavored coffee?




1. Sorry not many posts last week. Planning three birthday parties sure poops you out. And, having nine little girls at your house for three hours is worse.

I’m still cleaning glitter out of my ears.

2. Speaking of Emily’s birthday, I  was busy and just couldn’t make her cake, so  I ordered it from my totally favorite place, Target. I have to say, I was disappointed in the quality of the cake decorating. I’ll be going back to making it myself next year.

Don’t worry, Target. I forgive you.

3. Thanksgiving means trying new recipes, eating until a button pops, going to bed to get up early for Black Friday. I decided to add this and this to our menu.

Good thing I plan on wearing yoga pants.

4.  I’m half way done with Christmas shopping. I think that’s a record around here.

Or, maybe a Christmas miracle.

5. I’m super duper excited that JCP is bringing back the snow globe this Black Friday. If you are a long time reader, you know our family has been collecting them for years. When they hired that dork that changed everything and got rid of the globes, a lot of people were upset. Then they got a new guy and he brought them back.

He must be way smarter.





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