Let Your Man Show Off In Style With Dockers Game Day Khakis

Do you have a man in your life that stays true to their college spirit?


Dockers® Game Day Khakis are a first-of-its-kind versatile college collection for those guys that want to showoff their school spirit with back right pocket featuring an embroidered school emblem and printed inside the internal waistband is the teams rallying cry. These pants can easily be worn for work, then turn around and worn for a casual event.

The limited edition Dockers® Game Day Khakis are available in regular and school-colored khaki pants.


There are 10 college football powerhouses: LSU, Oregon State, Texas A&M, U of Georgia, U of Illinois, U of Kentucky, U of Michigan, U of Minnesota, U of Missouri and Washington State.

Dockers® will support the campaign across the brands social media channels
at www.facebook.com/Dockers and @Dockers with #GameDayKhakis.

Dockers® Game Day Khakis will be available for men on Dockers.com, Macys.com and
at select Macys stores.

The Alpha Game Day Khaki run a  retail price of $78.00 and the Classic Game Day Khaki for $68.00.


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