Tuesday Things

I can’t believe that the baby of the family is going to be nine this weekend.


Now will be the time that I say, It feels like just yesterday, I was holding Emily in my arms.

Well, it’s TRUE.

My baby is growing up just like the first two.

It’s just not fair.


1. So, this means I have throw Emily’s three birthday parties: One for her dad’s side, one for her friends, and one on her actual birthday (which she shares with my mom).

Don’t ask; it’s a long story.

2.  Nobody tried to guess what our new  design and fashion blog will be called. I guess I will just tell you.

Where Emily Lives- like it?

3.  I bet you couldn’t believe I actually had a chance to post a recipe. I couldn’t either. Now that we ate all the pumpkin cheesecakes, I have to bake something else.  I’ve been looking through Pinterest for ideas for something you would love to eat on a cold day and I found some ideas to experiment with.

It’s a tough job, but somebody’s gotta do it.

4.  I’m almost to the end and I haven’t made you drool with some very cool links I found! Well, we can’t have that.

How about this? Try making this too.

5. If you could only pick one post a week to write, what would it be about? Mine would be Tuesday Things.

Because I like to be random.

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