Hardwood floors? #Bona

Before we bought our first house (still there), I rented, so I couldn’t do any remodeling. It seemed that everyone stuck to carpeting, where I love hardwood floors. To me, they are easier to take care of and keep clean then carpeting.

When I was searching for a house, I ended up falling for the one we live in now because of all the hardwood flooring. The floor is old and I still haven’t tackled refinishing it after all these years (laaazy), but I sill love them. I can change out rugs when I feel like a change, where with carpet, that would get expensive.

I’ve tried many cleaners and most are fine, but a lot leave a sticky residue which brings more dirt. I usually justend up not cleaning them at all except for spills and sweeping.

This weekend, I was able to try Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner on my living room floors-the room with the most traffic.


As I said earlier, my floors are old and they won’t look brand new after ANY cleaning, but this cleaner did a pretty good job! It did seem to not be shiny after the cleaning, but I’ve heard that you can add a couple of drops of olive oil to your mop and do a light brush over it.

I’m satisfied with this cleaner (I’ve tried so many!) to do the job on my crazy floors. It’s a decent price as well at around $7 for 32oz.

How about you? Do you prefer hardwood floors, or carpet?



* I received a free bottle of Bona through Smiley360 for my honest and fair review. I did not receive any compensation.

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