Tuesday Things

After a month of buying up everything that has anything to do with fall smells and flavors, I don’t know if I can take anymore limited edition fall anything.

Okay, maybe I could still take a couple of more weeks of it. Here is my basket from the best store ever-Target.


1.  I’m a little late in the day posting this. I think I was still in shock from when I woke up to SNOW.

Fall, don’t leave me yet.

2. Tonight,  Emily and I are going to snuggle under the covers, watch scary movies, and drink these.

I love nights like this.

3.  Some how Emily managed to talk me into getting her a second costume for this Halloween. She is going to be a Punk Princess. I admit, my favorite color combo is pink and black (my photography  business colors), so it wasn’t hard talking me into getting the pink and black costume. It was such a cute outfit, I asked if I could dress up as her punk rock mom. Of course she said, no.

I so could pull off a cool punk rocker mom.

4.  The weather has stopped me from taking photos for the blog. I’m thinking of warm dishes like this, or this, would make wonderful meals to try.

Yes, I do more than just bake.

5.  Have you been in the mood for decorating for the holidays yet? I would love to make this. How about this?

That would make my house so cool.


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