Tuesday Things

As I mentioned last week, we went out of town on Saturday to check out an outlet shopping center that I haven’t been to in years and just relax for the day. We discovered the center had made lots of improvements and added some adorable gourmet shops that I spent hours in. They had samples galore, so Emily and I had fun trying out all the gourmet dips and treats, while the hubby pretended he didn’t know us.

After a day of shopping, we stopped at a Bennigans for a late lunch. I noticed a sandwich called “Monti Crisco” and asked the hubby if he knew what it was. He shook his head and just said, “It’s very sweet, so you will love it.”
Twenty minutes later, this arrived to our table.


If you’ve never tried one before, it tastes like a grilled cheese with ham sandwich-with jelly on it. 


1. I finally finished my very last wedding book. You can see the gallery here:
I’m so excited to be done.
2. So, I’m starting my next adventure and hopefully, I will be done by the holidays. If you are just tuning in, I want to start a niche blog on decorating, design, and DIY. If you are wondering, I will still keep this blog too.
‘Cause, I still love baking and giving away stuff.
3.  If you missed my review about this book, you must read it. It’s a very cool book about some very cool people. If I were rich, I would so give you each a copy for Christmas.
It’s that awesome.
4.  Have I been bad again? Yes, I have. No recipes. I’ve been busy with posting giveaways that you should go enter, because they are really great prizes.  Like this one, and this one.
Is that enough to forgive me??
5.  Okay. I am STILL buying everything “Limited Edition” for fall. I have so many pumpkin flavored stuff, I swear I’m turning orange. Hey, maybe I can just be a pumpkin for Halloween.
It would so be worth it.
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