Blogging Tips: 6 Ways To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic

Pinterest has become my survival source for all aspects of my life. Need a recipe? Pinterest. Need fashion advice? Pinterest. I have to admit,  I’m hopelessly hooked on it. I can explore this visual world without leaving the comfort of my home. Who wouldn’t love that?

I don’t have to be ashamed, because Pinterest has been so wildly popular, they now have over 30 million active users, with 67% being women. 

How can businesses take advantage of this network of consumers that pin everything on their Pinterest wish list, driving more traffic to sites then other social media sites according to

traffic from pinterest


1. Verify Your Account  What a simple task to attract visitors. When you verify your account, Pinterest will allow you to view their analytics and your  url will be clickable for readers  to visit your site.

2. Use Keywords

Pinterest allows you to put a description for each pin and in your “About” section. Use this to your advantage by describing your business (blog), using important keywords that search engines will crawl and index.  

3. Name Your Images Right

For some reason, I tend to still start at Google for my Pinterest searches. Many others do too, so remember this when naming your  pinned images. To maximize your chance to show up higher,  make sure you name your images with the correct keywords. 

4. Include Rich Descriptions Along With Your Pins

Speaking of descriptions, this is a very important step. When a person comes to Pinterest, they may use the search option to search for what they are looking for. What you write in your descriptions may impact where your pins show up verses other pins. So, descriptions matter! Try using the Google Keywords Tool to find the best keywords to use in your description. Keep in mind though, don’t go overboard with your descriptions. Stick to the point.

5.  Thank Top Pinners

One of the features of Pinterest is the ability to create collaborative boards with your followers. Create a board on your profile dedicated to your top pinners. This is easy to do: 1) Follow the profiles of your top users. 2) Create a new board and next to “Who can pin?” select “Me + Contributors” 3)Next, type the name of your top user and click on their name when it appears 4) Save and you’re done! Your board will now appear on your profile and the profiles of all contributors. I belong to a foodie one and it’s been a great traffic source for my recipes.

6. Be Social

We are in this together, so help out fellow Pinterest people. Repin and follow other people’s pins and boards and you can develop a community on Pinterest. Join Pinterest Facebook groups as well to gain more traffic-these really work!   


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