Tuesday Things

Labor Day weekend came and went and as I began to write my posts for the week, I realized that I totally missed doing my Blogging Tips Monday post. Oops!  So, I am going right into Tuesday’s post.

I still can’t believe that this year is my middle child’s senior year. When he told me that he got his college ID card last week, the reality that this time next year, he will be in college and we will be down to only one child left in school-thank goodness she is still in elementary school, or I would just have to lock myself in my bedroom with a gallon of coffee ice cream and a big spoon.

My boy’s girlfriend asked if I would shoot her senior photos and I gladly said, yes! They wanted some “couple” photos too and as I looked at the results, I could of cried.

He’s growing up too fast!


1. I am in the group, Fill the Cookie Jar, and this month’s cookie theme is Fall. My fall cookie recipe that I’m posting will involve bacon. Bacon even tastes good this way.

Need I say more?

2. Did you know this blog is supposed to be a review blog? I haven’t done a review for awhile.

I’m getting on that.

3. Starbucks sent me a BOGO coupon for their frappuccinos that I had to use by this weekend. I had to get my favorite, caramel ribbon crunch.

And it wasn’t even my birthday!

4. I won’t talk about pizza this today. Or, even chocolate. I want to bake this instead.

Did I say no chocolate? I need to check for a fever.

5.  Did I ever tell you that I always wanted to be an interior decorator? It’s true. I wish Jeff Lewis was my best friend. I’ve even been thinking about even starting a blog about it.

Would you visit it?


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