Tuesday Things

Oh my.

I just had to step away from the blog for a couple of days to get my $@*& together. I am close to having more time to work on my writing, but first, I had to catch up on all my photography work.

Edit. Edit. Edit.

I just finished a wedding  and  senior album after busting my bum all weekend.

Can I get a woot, woot?

I’m looking forward to being able to get back to taking photos of things I can eat instead. Like this pizza. I’ll post the recipe later this week.



1. Emily just started dance again. Ballet, jazz, tap and hip hop, to be exact. That means three different types of shoes, a dozen of dance outfits, new hair ties, and a dance backpack.

Can we say, second mortgage??

2. Ok, summer is back in full force. I guess I will hold on to it for another month.

Maybe I’ll make this and enjoy the heat.

3.  Because I complain about being so busy all the time, I wanted to add how I desperately need to take a week and catch up on every doctor appointments I need; dentist, eye doctor, chiropractic, gynecologist, and family doctor.

Yes, I am THAT broken.

4. Lately, I am obsessed with Pottery Barn. I have been turning the playroom into Pottery Barn DIY for the kids. This would be so adorable in there. Now, they can all be the cool kids on the block.

Yeah, I’m all about status.

5. We took my youngest to the doc after she had been  complaining about her tummy hurting and found out she may be constipated. Worse thing ever to deal with when you have a child that hates drinking water. I’ve been trying to bribe her with a new toy to get her to down her six ounces a day.

The whole, there-are-thirsty-kids-in-Cambodia just doesn’t work for this generation.

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