Tuesday Things

I cannot believe how time flies.

It seems like just yesterday, I was giving birth to my oldest, Jessica. Now, here we are, watching as her baby girl turns three. I just can’t believe how many years have passed, but I look forward to how many are yet to come.

This weekend was for Avrie. She woke up on her birthday and asked her mom if she looked three yet. I might be biased, but I think she could win  Miss I-Am-So-Adorable-I-Could-Just-Eat-Myself-Up.



1. Speaking of her birthday party, I just had to post a photo of the cake. I was on a mission to make the perfect candy decorated cake-that had to be pink. After a big scavenger  hunt (for pink candy), it took us over two hours to slap this puppy together, but we did it. Perfect? Well, I think it turned out well for a couple of non professional bakers.

And she loved it.

candy cake

2.  I love pizza. Unfortunately, my family doesn’t agree on the same ingredients, so we argue about which one have. We decided this week to have a family homemade pizza night. We are each getting our own mini pans and picking our ingredients. I hope to make one like this one.

3. I’ve been reading on other blogs how everyone is feeling spread thin right now. I even read about a blogger thinking abou giving up on even having a blog. I feel the same way about having to go in a ton of directions right now. I would never give up my blogs, but maybe let other projects go that will never end up anything worth my energy putting into it. I’m just that kind of person that needs to be busy all the time, but when you find your chest starting to hurt from a stressful day, it may be time to slow down.

4. Ok, I at least want to make this first. Then, this. Oh, I love this!

What? I  can’t help it…

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