Blogging tips: Follow vs No Follow Links: what you should know

A recent discussion arose in one of my fantastic Facebook groups about “no-follow” links.  I admit, I really never paid attention to using them. When someone told me that they used to work with the same advertiser that I worked with for many years, and they stopped working with them because they hurt their PageRank.

How? Because they reguired  “follow” links, and Google didn’t like it. I became curious about “follow” and  “no-follow” links, so I started doing some research on them.blogging1

Do you know the difference between the two?

Follow Links

I can start by telling you about the background of how links work according to the  SEO world. When one of your  pages gets  a hyperlink pointing to that page, the page gets a  SEO boost.

Google sees these little boosts, and takes note of it. When Google sees alot of incoming links to this page, then Google thinks you must be a star, so your page gets a preference in  search engines  over others of a similar topic.

This is where PageRank step in. Google created a metric called PageRank to calculate link points, or “link juice” as some call it. Simply put, the more reputable the site, the bigger boost of link juice the linked-to site gets. Some bloggers think they aren’t as


No Follow Links

A no follow link is a link that doesn’t count as a point for the page, nor does it boost PageRank. Nobody likes a no follow link.

To make a no follow link, simply place this code:

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Link Text</a>

Are no follow links worth getting?

Natural  follow links are Google’s way to measure PageRank.  More links means more link juice, which results in higher ranking website pages.  Natural links come from guest posting, a share from fellow bloggers, and even from reputable sites.

No-follow links may not get you a Google point, but they can still help your blog by driving traffic to your site. If you advertise on your blog, businesses that aren’t just out to get that “link juice” without caring that Google will see it as spam are not worth your time and can affect your ranking.

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