Tuesday Things

My favorite part of photography is the designing part, as I call it.  I love capturing that perfect shot for the cover of an album. My signature style for wedding covers is to use the flowers in some way.  I think it’s my favorite time of the day to find that shot.


1. Yesterday, the kids went back to school. I watched as the kids ran to their lines, chattering about what they did over the summer. I over heard mothers complaining about what a  short summer it was. Boys wrestled with each other and girls squeeled over new school outfits. It all seemed like a blur, when I looked over at my youngest standing in her line. She glanced at me at the same time, and gave me the I-love-you-though-I’m too-big-to-say-it-at-school look. She gave a little wave as the bell rang.

Summer was too short.

2.  On the subject of the kids being in school now, I’ll be able to do more recipe experimenting during the day. The only problem now, is that nobody will be around to help me eat the food after all photos are done.

There goes that size 3…

3.  I’m on a Starbucks kick right now. Every Sunday, Emily and I get some kind of drink from our Starbucks. I found out about the  Starbucks Rewards card and now,  it’s my goal to earn a gold star. I’m all competive like that. The only problem with this new competive habit is that I’m not supposed to have caffeine because of my bladder.

Does that count as “no pain, no gain”?

4.  You know I have a big sweet tooth. When I find a quick and easy treat to make, It’s better than Christmas. I’m a big slow cooker gal, so I love recipes like this one. If you would eat dessert for breakfast, then you will love this blog.

I would eat dessert for breakfast, btw.

5. OMG! I totally want to punch Ryan Culberson (Vicki’s son-in-law) from Real Housewives of Orange County. I cannot believe how he snapped at a 62 year old woman at Vicki’s party. Sorry, but I just hate those brats. They control Vicki by holding their child over her head. She’s afraid to stand up to them because she’s probably afraid they won’t let her see her grandson.

Yeah, I know. I’m still working on getting a life.

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