Modern wall coverings have come a long way

(Guest post)

“It will only be a little updating of the appliances. I promise, it won’t even be a remodel. We’ll keep the construction in the kitchen only.” These were all sentiments stated by my wife over and over again. And for any of you gentlemen out there reading this, don’t you believe them. If you hear any of the above statements run far and fast, but remember to take your wallet and checkbook with you.

I agreed, we definitely needed to update the kitchen. It had the same old appliances and wallpaper from the late eighties that was there when we bought the home a year ago. So after we spent what I thought was a small fortune on appliances, a wine chiller, really? Anyways, after we spent a fortune to update all of the appliances to the slick, stainless steel look I was floored when my wife said that she wanted to put wallpaper back up!


What? Wait? We just spent all of this money to update our kitchen so it looks like the bridge of the USS Enterprise and now you want to throw dated wallpaper all over the walls? She laughed and told me it’s no longer even called wallpaper, there called wall coverings and there is some really killer modern wall coverings out there that I would just love. I let her have her fun and upon retuning home from work one day was blown away at the way the walls looked! She used a company called Atrium Wall Coverings down here in Miami and wow! My wife picked the “Marcello” print which looks almost like a slick wood covering. Wall paper, uh excuse me, wall coverings have come a long way and look awesome.


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