Blogging Tips: Are You Linking and Hopping?

I love finding ways to build traffic. Some easy (and free) ways are by joining a  Linky Party, or Blog Hop.

What is a linky party?

A linky party is when you list your blog post link with a group of other bloggers during an event that might last a week, or longer. You may be able to share a photo from that post to entice visitors.

A linky party is usually themed, like a recipe linky, for example.

Get Famous The Greatest Resource For Mom Bloggers On The Planet  

by: Lisa Cash Hanson

What is a blog hop?

A blog hop is like a linky party, where you submit a link from a post, but usually hosted by several bloggers. Each blogger hosting will have it on their blogs as well. You are required to leave a comment, or follow other blogs on the list.

Playing fair.

If you join either one of these events, you should play fair. Don’t just leave your link and leave. Hosts for these events are doing these to help everyone get more visitors. Not following the rules is a big no-no, and eventually, they will figure it out and delete you. so, if you join one, you better make sure you can follow up with visiting other blogs. On the other side, if you join a hop and nobody returns the favor, move on to the next one. No point in wasting your time, when too many others are just being linky hogs.



In addition to getting new traffic, you can build a community of like-minded bloggers. Once the hosts see you coming back every week, they might ask you to be featured, or co-hosts-this broguth me TONS of traffic and new friends.

Eventually, you can even host one yourself, and if you sells advertising spots, you might make some mula as well!



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