Melzy Baby – Wet Bag, Blowout Blocker & Soaker Stopper

I don’t know how many times my daughter has gotten her babies ready for a photo shoot, only to have an explosion of poo everywhere right before. I’m sure if you have little ones, you’ve come across the same problem while out at the grocery store, or somewhere special.

 I found out about a product that solved that poop-all-over-you-could-just-scream dilemma-the Blowout Blocker from Melzy Baby !

Catch diaper blowouts and leaks with this  diaper extension.  The wrap has a velcro closure and comes in  7 different colors. They work with cloth or disposable diapers.  The inner layer keeps the moisture off baby’s back and the outer liner keeps leakage in.  Made from 100% reusable material.


Blowout Blocker sells for $12.95

 That’s not all they have! Does your baby suffer from waking up with sopping wet EVERYTHING?  Melzy Baby also has another awesome leak stopper, the Soaker Stopper.   The Soaker Stopper is also made from 100 % reusable material and is also super soft.

Soaker Stoppers also come in 7 colors and they sell for $13.95

 Melzy Baby doesn’t want to leave you holding all those yucky used diapers and their Blocker and Soaker Stoppers! You need the Wet Bag. to hold them all.   The bag has a drawstring closure with cord lock and it too comes in 7 colors and sells for $4.95

I would have loved to have had these for when my children were little. At least the grand babies will benefit from them!

*I was not monetarily compensated for this review. I was given one of each of their products for review.
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