Monetizing Your Blog-5 Sources To Try

Blogging is a lot of work, and like most bloggers know, it’s survival of the fittest. Blogging is a business for a lot of people, so finding a way to monetize their blog is just as important as providing great content for their readers.

There are many ways to monetize your blog.  Many bloggers do not rely on just one source to bring in money, because one source may not always live up to it’s  potential, so it’s good to have other income sources to fall back on.

You may of heard of  monetizing your blog through social media agencies, or blog networks. These companies work with brands through social media. They work with bloggers and compensate them for their efforts. While there are a ton of companies you can work with, I am going to tell you about five sources that I know about.

Social Fabric by Collective Bias







Social Fabric® is a private online community  owned by Collective Bias™ that you can apply to join. I’ve come across the Social Fabric logo on many blogs and heard great things about them. I’m new to them, and I’m excited to be a part of campaigns. They work differently then other agencies, by letting bloggers join interest groups in the community and apply for opportunities. You also have to go to the store and purchase the  product and show their entire path-to-purchase experience with the brand.  This may limit some opportunities depending where you live.


SITS Girls

sits girls





SITS Girls recently launched Massive Sway, through a joint venture with the Swap Group.  Through the Massive Swap portal, called iSway, you can apply for opportunities.  Each opportunity  tells you what type of blog they are looking for and the pay.  Even if you don’t have a huge blog or following, you can still get assignments.





Blogsvertise is an advertising site that hires bloggers to write about advertiser businesses and websites and pays them for their writing. They have “guest post” options, 200-300 words posts, and now banner advertising.  I have been with Blogsvertise for probably around three years. I’ve been paid from $7-$28 for posts-I don’t do the ads part, so I don’t know what they pay for them. You can set your price per post and you can choose what posts you want to accept or not.







I just signed up with Canopi and I’m very excited. You compete for “jobs”, but  I already got picked for a campaign, which is quicker than a lot of networks I belong to, so that gives me great hope that this will be a good company to work with. Once you sign up, they push you to sign up for a campaign, which I like since I get busy and forget to keep up with the network opportunities.







I haven’t done too much with Business 2 Blogger, but I heard it’s a great source for opportunities. Friendly staff and you don’t have to be a big blog to qualify.  They send out  email listings of businesses that are looking for blogs to review their products or services. It doesn’t say who the companies are, but it gives an idea of what the product or service for review is and it includes any specific requirements.

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