Are You Prepared?


That’s what I said when my blog disappeared on me last week.  I totally freaked out. I thought all my hard work was gone. I was crushed and didn’t know what to do.


What had happened? Well, it first started last week, I noticed a lag on my blog  and a drop in traffic. My pages werent loading, and I wasn’t even able to log on several times.

I tried contacting my host and they claimed no problems. I knew something was wrong, but I didn’t know what was going on and how to fix it. So, I decided that maybe I should update WordPress and my theme.

Oh boy, that was a mistake.

I couldn’t log in at all and my site just disappeared.  Being new to WordPress, I wasn’t sure where to start, other than waving my arms in the air and screaming at the ceiling, WHY MEEEEE?!

I emailed my hosting company again and they were no help (of course). I emailed the theme company support and in the meantime, got on the net and started searching for answers.  Apparantly, it was my theme that was a problem and I found how to at least get on to my account and take the theme off. Everything was still there, just set to the default theme.  Whew!

Now, I’m facing the problem of not being able to bring my blog back to the design I want because that theme still won’t work on this blog for some reason. Argh! But, at least all was not lost-that was the important part. So, I will have to put up with my blog not being the way I would like it to be until support can tell me why their theme is not working for me all of a sudden.

This brings me to this question; Would I have been prepared if my blog had crashed totally?

I hate to say it, but the answer would have been a big fat, “NO.”

My hubby is always on my case about backing up all data on my computers and though I know he is right (several computer viruses later), I still am bad about it. Now, here I was faced with a potential loss of everything and I wouldn’t have been prepared for it. All my hard work would have been gone forever.

Backing Up Your Blog

I was spared losing my data forever and it was an eye opening event for me. I quickly backed up my data and will continue to. Backing up is an easy process for both WordPress and Blogger.


1. Log into

2. Click “My Blogs” and click “Dashboard” under the name of the blog you want to back up.

3. Look on the left sidebar, you’ll see “Tools.” Hover over it until a drop down appears. Click “Export.”

4. On the page that loads, click “Export.”

Self-hosted WordPress

1. Log into WordPress

2. Go to dashboard.

3. Go to “tools”, then “export”. You will option to export all your posts and pages at once, or separately. Which ever you pick to do is fine.

4. You will have to save your template and plugins separately.

The most important is your database backup. This grabs your content only. As long as you have your database, you can restore your site from nothing.

Backing up your database.

1. Start at your “Control Panel.” 

2. Click on “Backup Wizard.”

3. You will see a list of databases depending if you have more then one. Click on the database you want to backup and it will start downloading it to your computer.

There are also plugins that will do the job too. Check on WordPress for them.


Backing up posts

1. Log into your Blogger dashboard and go to the blog you want to backup.

2. Click “Settings.”

3. Click on “Other” under “Settings.”

4. Find  “Blog Tools.” Click “Export blog” and that’s all!

Backing up template

1. In the dashboard,  click “template.”

2. Look for “Backup/restore.” Click it and then “Download full template.”

See how easy it is to backup? Now, if I can follow my own advice, I’ll be set!

How often, (if at all) do you backup your blog?

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