Tuesday Things

The grand babies just left after spending some time with them. I took them to the water park before they left and they had a blast with Emily. They ran back and forth through all the water and wore themselves out so much, they fell asleep before we even got home.  I miss them already. : (


 1. After trying out so many chocolate product samples in the last couple of weeks, I almost am sick of chocolate.  Almost.

2.  I met with one of my final wedding clients this week and we planned their second engagement session that I’m shooting next week. I checked out the location they asked to shoot it at and I’m actually excited about it. It’s surrounded by old brick buildings and ivy covered stone walls. Love it! I’m still retiring from weddings this year, but I think I might still do couple sessions. Kind of like those Beloved sessions. It could be fun!

3.  Emily might of finally broke her obsession of Monster High dolls. Normally, when we hit any store that sells them, that’s the first isle we have to hit to see if there are any new dolls. The last couple of times, she didn’t even ask to go there. What are we going to do with sixty four dolls and forty Monster High outfits?

4.  Summer is almost over and I still don’t have a tan. My legs are so white, I’m not aloud to leave the house with shorts on if being seen with either of the kids. I try pointing out other short-wearing-white-legged-people on the street, but it didn’t help. So instead, I just do my Gundam Style dance at the store-especially, when a cute eight year old boy is nearby. Guess those white legs aren’t so embarrassing after all?

5.  As I type this, it’s storming like crazy outside. I don’t know if I ever told you, but I hate thunderstorms. Especially at night. Maybe it’s because we live in the Midwest and tornados can come from these violent storms. The hubby, on the other hand, will sleep like a baby through it all.

Dang, the storm just took out the satellite. How am I supposed to watch Real Housewives now?

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