Balancing Blogging and Life

Becoming a full time blogger is a dream job for many people. Blogging has so many perks-you can work from anywhere, you can fit it into your lifestyle, you can make your own hours. On the downside, if can consume your life with deadlines and take you away from your family more than you wish to.mommy-Blogger

How do you balance blogging and life?

I used to be very unorganized with my life.  I’ve learned the hard way that my day must follow a routine. Including blogging into that routine keeps my blog under control and my sanity in check.

Balancing blogging and family life is different for each person. For a mom, it might mean blogging while kids are napping, or at school. I’m a morning person (the only one in the house), so I write my posts early in the morning, when the house is quiet and the only ones up are me and Sam, our cat. I do my networking later in the morning when it’s not so quiet and I don’t need that quiet thinking time.

Splitting the day up between family stuff and business can be a chore in itself. Sticking to a schedule that works for you can be hard. I get in all other blogging duties done during the afternoon and fit in a workout before lunch. Saturdays are my major house cleaning mornings, photos for my recipe posts are done on Tuesdays, and laundry time is Wednesday at 10pm. It’s not a normal schedule, but it works to keep the chaos away.

Time flies.

I know all to well how, when you are catching up on other blogs, your day slips by quickly without accomplishing a whole lot. You need to stick to your schedule and watch the clock. I set timers to let me know when it’s time to take a break from socializing, or answering emails to put the chicken in the oven for dinner.

Including blogging in your life.

Following some simple steps will help you live your dream of blogging, without jeopardizing family life.

Set work hours – Like I said earlier, my work day starts early in the morning. I have specific times in the day when I do certain activities. Switch off between family and blogging to even things up. Stick to that schedule!

Write it down – I write everything down that I need to do for the day. In fact, I have a dry eraser board on the fridge that I put notes on as well. It helps me A LOT.

Utilize every spare moment- Waiting in the school parking lot for your child to get out? Catch up on networking, or answer some emails on your phone. I’ve been caught typing while running in place for a workout.

Delegate – Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Dad can take Sarah to soccer practice. Little Johnny can pick up the living room. It will start getting easier to delegate once you realize how much it helps to free up time to spend together with family.





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Get up early and go to bed late- This is not my favorite advice. Especially because I love my sleep, but it helps to get things out of the way when family is sleeping. Any business takes sacrifice if you want to succeed. Just make sure you still have a decent amount of sleep-nobody wants a grumpy mom around.

Involve your family- I always tell the kids that all my businesses are the family business. Emily, my youngest, is involved the most. She loves checking out product reviews and she’s my “model” for photos. I like to run ideas by the hubby to get his opinion. Sometimes he gets a great idea that I’ve used as well.

Walk away- No, not permanently. Take a break and leave the house. Staring at dirty laundry or a messy house can be distracting. Get out with the kids, or girlfriends and enjoy a break.

Do you have a great tip for balancing family and blogging?


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