Windex Touch-Up Cleaner

I always gripe about being busy all the time. Anything that can help me along the way would be wonderful. I like making things easy in all areas of my life. Cleaning is no exception. Windex Touch-up is a great way to save time for those quick clean ups.


This cleaner is unlike anything currently available. It’s the dispenser that makes life so much easier thanks to it’s innovative new way to clean. You just dab it, clean it and you’re done!

They have two versions. One for each of the rooms that tend to be the messiest – the kitchen and the bathroom. I have both the kitchen bottle cleaner and bathroom version because the kids are constantly getting the counters dirty in both.

The kitchen bottle is so convenient! I can quickly clean up my cooking  messes. Yes, I make a lot of chocolate batter messes everywhere when I’m baking for a shoot.  A little dab from the Windex Touch-Up cleaner and I can wipe up those spots in a jiffy.

I really needed the bathroom dispenser as well because the bathroom gets just as messy. No, I don’t take my chocolate in there! The kids tend to get more toothpaste on the counter then their toothbrushes.

Besides being a fast, convenient at-hand solution for those constant little messes, it is also quite powerful. The Windex Touch-Up Cleaner kills 99.9% of common household bacteria. When it’s used as directed, it kills those big bad bugs like Staph and Strep …you know the things you don’t want anywhere near your family!

Each bottle lasts 240 dispenses – plenty of opportunities to keep your  surfaces sanitized and sparkling clean!

For quick, small cleanups, this product works well. If you want to see it for yourself, check it out at your local Walmart store for only $3.47!

Right now, you can find a coupon online here for a dollar off!


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