Tuesday Things

We bought a new grill for our 4th of July mini cookout and we’ve been practically grilling every night. The one thing I love to make outdoors are what I call banana boats. It’s a childhood memory from when my parent’s sent me to summer camp. Basically, it’s a sliced banana with chocolate chips, marshmallows, and crumbled up graham crackers, all wrapped up in foil.

banana boat

We put it on the grill while the steaks cook  to let the marshmallows and chocolate melt and then we ate  it for dessert..

ba1 copy


1. I’m so happy that we FINALLY finished the makeover for our bedroom! I mentioned this idea I had to brighten up the room with these inspirations. They have stayed tucked in my closet forever, it seemed. Below are the “before” photos taken by my iphone, so they aren’t the greatest.


Yes, our socks always hang over the top drawer because our dresser is too small for the both of us. Yes, that is a tree ornament that my son thought would be funny to hang there-two years ago.



Our room is so much brighter and happy looking now- I love the “after”! I’m going to get a lamp to put on the night stand, I totally forgot about  accessorizing that!

2. We spent our Saturday morning sitting in our vet’s waiting room. Sam, our cat,  had started going everywhere (even on my lap!) and it didn’t look right. Turns out, he had a UTI. I did not know animals could get them. I’m prone to them, so I know how the little guy must feel.

3.  I have lots of reviews of some awesome products coming up and more giveaways. Can I get a “Woot-Woot”?

4. The grand babies are coming to spend a couple of nights next week for us to spoil. I had just wanted to give my grand daughter some one-on-one time, but I know her big brother would never forgive Nana for not letting him stay too. I just can’t break my little buddy’s heart; I’m a sucker for those crocodile tears.

5.  I’ve been so busy that I haven’t been able to really enjoy my new car. With all the stuff in my “space age” car (as I call it),  I wasn’t even sure  what it all did. I finally had a chance to go out in the evening and didn’t even know my lights were HID lights, which stand for High-intensity discharge lamps. I freaked out and kept telling my husband that something was wrong  because they didn’t look right. He just shook his head, just as I’m sure any guy that reads this would too.



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