Blogging Help Tip: Building a Tribe

When I first started blogging, my goal was to have a successful blog that had readers who really cared what I had to say. It didn’t take me long to realize that in order for that to happen, I needed to build a community.  Just as it takes a village to raise a child, the same holds true with blogging. Actually, one would call it a “tribe” in the blogging world.

Having a tribe is the key to the success of your blog. Tribes help each other promote and collaborate on projects together.

Now, how does a blogger become part of tribe?



Build it and they will come-not. Comment on other blogs that have similar interests. Don’t just comment once and not come back. Sometimes bloggers need to see that you are sincere with your comment, and not just commenting to get a comment back. I’ve built many friendships from commenting on a regular basis on a blog. I also return the favor when someone comments on my blog. I also recommend not just leaving a comment saying, “please visit mine back”. It’s a sure way NOT to get a comment, or friend.

Join  communities.

I started building my community by joining one. Mom Bloggers Club was the first community I ever joined and it opened many doors for me. I created groups and friends that shared the same drive as me.  The SITS Girls and Social Moms are great communities to join as well. Visit often and welcome new members. Offer to help newbie bloggers-a super great way to get online friends.

Join groups on Facebook.

This has been my best way to make new blogging friends and form a tribe. Join blogging buddy groups, blogging help, and any other blogging group that you might benefit from. Don’t get in over your head, though. Most groups require you to comment back if you want comments, so be fair and don’t sign up for more “helping each other” groups if you can’t make the commitment.

 Link up.

I’ve found new friends from signing up for linkies that go with my interests, like when I do a DIY, or a new recipe, I link up with craft or recipe linkies.

Help others.

Share other blogger’s posts on Twitter or Facebook. They will appreciate the kind jester and probably return the favor. Sharing each other’s posts and giveaways can bring a bigger audience to your tribe.

Stay consistent.

If you  practise the above tasks day after day, you will make lots of great online friends, and be on your way to making your own tribe.

Do you have a tribe?

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