Taking Better Photos For Your Blog

Posting great photos on your blog not only is pleasing to the eyes, it can help build traffic as well. When we visit blogs, the first thing we look for are photos. A quality photo either makes or breaks a great post. When I post, I always try to include a photo. Being a photographer, it comes easier to me, but there are many times I’m struggling over getting that great “food shot”.

It doesn’t have to be hard to get great photos for your blog. Here are some tips for taking better photos for your blog:

1. Good light

This is such an important factor in getting good images. Leave the flash off. Instead, look for the best light in your home. Certain times of day, there will be great natural light that’s perfect for the best photos. Experiment with different rooms to see which rooms give the best light. Better yet, go outside if possible, but be sure to stay out of the harsh light.

hot chocolate ganache

2. Interesting angle

Photographs that are taken from a different angle make them more interesting then just straight up and down.  Move around and try out different angles to see which ones may make the subject look more appealing.

3. Take lots of pictures
With the age of digital, you don’t have to worry about how many photos you can take. After awhile of practise, eventually, you won’t have to take as many.

4. Get to know your Camera

Play  with your camera and test out all the settings. Once you know all it’s bells and whistles, you can learn how to improve your photos. A good inexpensive camera is the Canon EOS Rebel T3. It’s easy for amateur photographers to use and takes great photos. Even with a point and shoot, if you learn what all it’s capabilities are, it will can help you to take a better photo.

5. Tell a story

Your photograph should relate to your post. Keep the topic to what you are talking about. If you are talking about cupcakes, show a photo of your creation. If you are including a recipe, show photos of you baking the cupcake, or ingredients. The reader looks to your photo first and expects your story to be about that photo and vice versa.

6. Vivid colors

I love a great photo that pops. Look for backgrounds that will look vivid in your photo-without taking over-and try not to have a “dull” set up.

7. Watch the background

Make sure that your background you choose does not distract from your subject. Many amateur photographers leave too much in the frame when taking a photograph. Having said that, having an interesting background is important as well. Try staging your photo for a pleasing look. Depending on what you are photographing , using a white background that focuses just on the subject works best.

 8. Learn from your favorite photos

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery as they say. It’s true! Study other photographs that you love on other blogs. You can learn alot by these photos. Something attracted you to it and if you want to take photos like that, then you’ve found your style.

9. Get Close

Sometimes, getting close to your subject makes for a more flattering photo. Keeping your focus on the subject allows the reader to know what you are trying to show them. Don’t get too close that they can’t figure out what it is-especially with food.

10. Have fun

Enjoy as you learn to take better photos. If you hate it, it will show in your work. Look at it as creating a piece of artwork!

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