Tuesday Things

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks.

1. I found myself buying a new car when all I wanted was an oil change. I just had to put my Hello Kitty car mats in it, and the hubby cringed like he did when I put them in my old car. Come on, it’s Hello Kitty, he said.  I’m so cool.

2. I finally lost those lingering two pounds that found their way  on my thighs. Though, it is s’mores season, so I’ll probably see them back again.

3. Have I ever told you about our cat, Sam?  He’s supposed to be Emily’s cat, but he spends most his time on the hubby’s lap (and he hates cats) since the hubby quit his second job. I think their bellies are about the same size now. I also think that we are going to have to get a new couch, because the end they sit on sinks in  now.


4. I finally convinced the hubby to get the house ready to put up for sale so we can move into a much needed bigger house. I kind of had some help from the sappy trees that have grown so much, they hover over our driveway. After the tenth time of him having to wash our white cars, that finally convinced him we need a two car garage. Woo hoo!

5. I’ve been patiently waiting for Interior Therapy’s new season to start. I secretly wish that Jeff Lewis was my best friend. I know he’s mean, but I love his humor. I also wish he would decorate my house.

6.  My new favorite thing to eat are Chicken Wontons from Applebees. I also eat this at least three times a week. Am I bad?

7. I plan on making these this week. I also wished the owner of this blog was my neighbor, so I could get her to remodel my home.


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