Summer Camp that lets your teen plan

While I was looking at camps for the kids, I noticed that they have teen camps as well. I wondered if my son would be interested in going to camp after all. Different camps have different programs. I’m not sure if he would rather go to a camp that was too about sports, or more into a camp that had more project-related that he could build stuff.

I know he would love to be able to learn archery and horseback riding, though I would like him to get into more sports. A happy balance would be a summer camp that  lets your teen plan part of the day, and the camp plans the other. Upon researching,I found one camp called Camp Chateaugay that has a great program that involves your teen in planning their day. They also have such fun activites like animal care, archery, glass blowing, golfing, dancing,cooking and so many more activities. How cool!camp

Letting your teen be involved in planning their activities, it develops responsibility and proficiency. I feel that giving your teen that freedom gives them just enough room to be a teen, with the supervision they still need.

I hope allowing my teen to get involved with his camp schedule will also encourage him to try something new-like trying out a new sport-I can only hope! I have to remind him that video game playing is not a sport, though I know he would argue that it was.

I’m starting to get excited about getting him signed up for camp!

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