summer camp

I remember when I was Emily’s age and summer time meant SUMMER CAMP!! I was a girl scout, so I always went to their week sleep away  camp, which had horseback riding, swimming, campfires, etc.  I’m sure my parents enjoyed getting rid of me for a week. I might of been a tad bit ornery when I was little-just a bit.

I had so much fun at summer camp, I wish that my kids would have had a chance to experience summer camp. Especially the sleep over type. We just didn’t have the funds when the two older ones were younger, and Emily would never be away from me that long. She thinks we share an organ or something. Maybe we do. Ask her dad.

There are so many summer camps out there, especially sleep away camps.  There are also many things you need to consider for summer camp that you might not think of.


Some of those might be:

-Do you want to send your children to camp with boys and girls?

– What kind of activities?

– Location and price?

Sometimes, it helps to have a camp advisor to help find the perfect camp for your son or daughter.  They can help you find a camp that fits all your needs. I know I can get confused and overwhelmed when trying to decide on the best trips to go on and if I had help, my blood pressure probably wouldn’t be so high.  Well, maybe if I didn’t have the rest of the stress in my life. : )

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